When it rains it pours….bad luck panda

So last night I got a visit from the “Bad Luck Panda”….I had organised a live webinar for NRF members, (a webinar is an online “seminar” or workshop), with Sponsorship Consultant, Vickie Saunders.  Vickie lives in Melbourne and was in Brisbane for a meeting earlier that day, so I had arranged to meet her before she flew out to Malaysia. On my way up to meet Vickie she got news that her flight was now cancelled and she had to fork out over $400 to get another flight and the only flight available was for 7pm. The webinar was scheduled for 7:15pm.  So instead I met Vickie at the airport and we decided last minute to record an impromptu chat about sponsorship.   I had no plans on being on camera – so my hair was a mess and I wasn’t really appropriately dressed! Eeek!

Sitting on the floor in a corridor at the airport, in between 2 check in machines and the Qantas lounge entry, we proceeded to record the session on my phone.  With interruptions by the overhead announcements, background beeping and a lovely guy offering us entry into the Qantas lounge, we finally got the recording done! Phew!

Vickie then rushed to catch her flight to Malaysia, and I had the “great” idea, that I would quickly shoot over to my mums place (who only lives 15 minutes away) and still make it in time for the 7:15pm Webinar, so that I could at least jump on and let everyone who was waiting online, know what was going on.

Bad Luck Panda hand other ideas….On the drive to my mums, my GPS tells me to go straight….however, tim-a-sad-panda-8251his leads me straight into the Legacy Tunnel, for those who live in Brisbane will know…once you’re in, there’s not way out until the first turn off…which is ages away.

At 7:25 i finally get out of the tunnel, pull over and grab my phone, I download the software I need to access the Webinar via my phone so I can at least apologise and explain the situation to everyone, software installs….error  “you can not log in as a “HOST” on this device, you must use a computer”. Grrrrr! So I quickly grab my laptop from the back seat…oh it’s out of battery!! Wonderful…By this stage I am pulling my already dishevelled hair out!  I take a moment to gather myself and send a message to all the people I could, via Facebook, who had registered to attend the webinar to express my absolute regret and apologies!

I finally get home to my mums place and try to upload the chat Vickie and I had…..phone runs out of batScreenshot_2015-07-23-14-32-23tery during upload and fails.  So I buy a charging cable from the night owl and try again.  The upload takes 5 hours to complete! But it’s done at least.

What a fun fun night haha, when it rains it pours.  Many lessons learned and looking forward to the rescheduled Webinar in a couple of weeks with Vickie on August 5th.

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