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  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions Watch Fight →
  • Fight #20 – Tag Team Retirement Fight

    Fight #20 - Tag Team Retirement Fight Fight Date: February 2017Show: Tag Team ChampionshipsLocation: Brisbane After 8 years of fighting and 2 years of contemplating retirement, I finally decided to make the heart breaking decision to hang up the gloves. You can listen to why I made this decision to retire here. What a better way to go out than by doing something unique ... Watch Fight →
  • Fight #19: Super 4 Woman Eliminator

    Fight #19: Super 4 Woman EliminatorFinally something I wanted to tick off my bucket list. To fight in a 4 woman. I have wanted to experience having 2 fights in one night for a few years now, but alas, for me this wasn’t to happen.   At the weigh in the draw was done to see who would be fighting each other first ... Watch Fight →
  • Fight #18: WMC Australian Title Fight

    Fight #18: WMC Australian Title Fight Wow what an amazing feeling! I had the opportunity to fight one of Australia’s toughest fighters for the prestigious WMC AUSTRALIAN TITLE in Sydney. Leonie is a strong and experienced fighter and it was an honour to step into the ring with her. This was my first fight back in almost 12 months and it felt ... Watch Fight →
  • Fight #5: Fighting by remote control

    Fight #5: Fighting by remote control This fight is by far one of my favourite fights to date.  Not just because of the outcome, but also because of how it made me feel afterwards. WATCH FIGHT HERE   Prelude: After my previous fight, I took a few months off from fighting as I had quit my full time IT job after being with my employer for a total of ... Watch Fight →
  • Fight #4: Air Ninja Skills

    Fight #4: Air Ninja SkillsMy fourth fight was at the end of 2012, in Brisbane, I was training and fighting out of 350 Fitness – Boxing & Muay Thai Gym with Clayton Collyer. As this was only my 4th time in the ring, I was still very new to everything, what I learnt from this fight was I really needed to work ... Watch Fight →
  • Fight #3 – Fighting Drunk (ish)

    Fight #3 - Fighting Drunk (ish)Sept 2012: For this fight our game plan was to kick more and move. In my previous fights I probably punched a lot more, but we knew my opponent was big on the hands, so we thought to counter that, I should not try to stand and trade, but instead use my legs more and ... Watch Fight →
  • Fight #2 – When all you need is a Man Chariot…

    Fight #2 - When all you need is a Man Chariot...My second Muay Thai fight was in May 2012. This was almost 2 and a half years after my first fight. The big gap in between was due to me being a clutz and continually injuring myself! Firstly in 2010 I sprained my ankle out one night, really badly, so much so, that I couldn’t ... Watch Fight →
  • Fight #1: Where it all began…

    Fight #1: Where it all began...My First Fight – Dec 2009 This is where it all started. My very first fight. It was a few weeks before my 30th Birthday, I had been training for fun on and off for around 5 years. I had not even considered there was the whole competitive fighting aspect to Muaythai. I first started doing martial ... Watch Fight →

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