Fight #18: WMC Australian Title Fight


Wow what an amazing feeling! I had the opportunity to fight one of Australia’s toughest fighters for the prestigious WMC AUSTRALIAN TITLE in Sydney. Leonie is a strong and experienced fighter and it was an honour to step into the ring with her.

This was my first fight back in almost 12 months and it felt awesome to be in there again! I loved every minute of this fight! Check it out here…

Watch my fight here:

Opponent: Leonie Macks (Sitshoothon)
Weight: 61kgs – weighed in at 60.4kgs
Show: Siam 2 Sydney | WMC Australian Title Fight
Date: September, 2016
Result: Loss – UPD

ROUND 1 – Scroll down to see the other rounds

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5


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