Fight #20 – Tag Team Retirement Fight

Fight Date: February 2017
Show: Tag Team Championships
Location: Brisbane

After 8 years of fighting and 2 years of contemplating retirement, I finally decided to make the heart breaking decision to hang up the gloves. You can listen to why I made this decision to retire here.

What a better way to go out than by doing something unique and fun which is being in the first Australian Female Muay Thai Tag Team Championships

This was so much fun – the rules were very different to a normal fight. Our team didn’t play the game how we should have to win (both Demi and I both just wanted to stay in there and bang on instead of tagging out as rapidly as our opponents team) our opposition played a very smart game plan to tag fast which is one of the ways to win the game.

I wanted to do something memorable for my last fight and it sure was! We dressed in Super Hero outfits (which also won us the 2017 Australian Muay Thai Awards Walk Out of the Year Award)

Check out the footage from our Tag Team Fight below and you can see me go bright red at the end when the promoter presented me with a gift for my retirement which was such a lovely surprise.


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