Help support the people who support me in my Fight Career..

urbanfightgym.com – My home, my family, my life.  I spend 6 days a week, morning and nights at Urban and I wouldn’t rather be any where else.  Come down and check out the gym, we have classes for everyone, kids, teens, beginners, advanced and fighters.  We also have morning and night classes as well as a Saturday morning session for those who want to kickstart their weekend!

punish.com.au – Punish have been there for me right from the start. Always providing me with the best Fight Gear and Nutrition as well as being great friends and always there to give me advice whenever I need it.  I only wear Punish Fight Gear and I only use Punish Nutrition products.  Order yours online at www.punish.com.au

performanceeating.com.au – Performance Eating keep my weight on track. For my WMC Australian Title fight, I was able to easily drop 13kgs in 16 weeks by eating their delicious meals. This time dropping the weight was actually enjoyable and easy, because I could eat real, fresh, tasty food without having to sacrifice things I like to eat! You can get 10% off by using my discount code of MELIYUNG at the check out on www.performanceeating.com.au!

razia.com.au – Razia make protective gel Knuckle shields which I use every day in my training.  This keeps my knuckles protected while i’m fight prepping from the constant damage I suffer during training.  I also love the new Razia gel ankle shields, which are a fantastic addition to my protective gear during sparring and when i’ve injured myself after fights.

nrfaustralia.com.au – Check out Nationally Registered Fighters (Australia) to keep fight active and get your name out there amongst the Australian fight scene.

fightsys.com.au – For gym owners, FightSys | Gym Management Systems has been developed to help you run your gym and manage your members.  You can do direct debits for your members fees as well as keep your fighters records up to date.

momentummuscletherapy.com.au – Inez  Tolley is my Sports Injury & Maintenance Therapist who treats me using Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST).  MST is a functional, manual therapy which examines the body holistically through a multisystem approach to assessment and treatment. Treatments are specific to the individual, with a focus on improving the function of nerves, muscles, joints and biomechanics based on examination findings and presentation. Treatments include manual therapy techniques, follow-up care, client education, rehabilitation exercises and information aimed towards pain relief and long-term results.