Week 2

Day 1: Monday

Left Jaelen and Fabs place in Jigi early and drove into Byron Bay.

Checked in to a nice little Caravan Park not too far from town.

Got myself organised in the van, did some laundry, had to borrow $3 off reception as I’ve never used a paid washing machine and didn’t understand that 500 meant  $5.00 not what the cycle length time was ?. Drove to the little servo / shop down the road and got some snacks.

Lisa gave me a surprise visit in the afternoon, she and Will drove all the way from their place just to come and say hello, drop off my new license which had arrived in the mail and we had some dinner and gelato in town.

Ate THE nicest lamb brisket burger with cheddar cheese and macaroni Croquette INSIDE the burger o.m.g!!! ?

Did a lil more groceries in town and early night to bed

Day 2: Tuesday

Nice sunny morning so had breakfast outside

Worked the all day in the sun and in the van at the caravan park.

Took Marlee for a walk around my site.
Went for a walk / jog down a side path which lead me over a little lake bridge and to Tallows Beach.

Marlee just keeping watch over me from up in the roof bed

Made dinner for the next few days

First attempt at meal prep camping style
Meal prep