Week 1



I finally found a campervan..and it’s AWESOME! I felt really happy and comfortable the instant I sat in the drivers seat! I am super excited to get on the road now!


I dropped in to a few gyms whilst on the Sunshine Coast and did 2 nights of training & running.


Got as much work as I could possible get done whilst packing everything I need into the van, including Marlee.



I pulled up to my sisters house for the night to have my first test sleep in the van, where I would be able to test everything in the comfort of home.  First thing I realised was that I need a 15 amp power adapter to charge my van’s battery to power my fridge etc…. your house is only 10 amps so normal extension leads don’t work. I have to go to Bunnings in the morning to find a 15 amp cable.



Up early and a tonne of work to get done for NRF & FightSys.  Then off to Bunnings and BCF to get a last lot of equipment for the trip. I found a converter at Bunnings that allows me to plug my 15 amp caravan lead into a 10 amp house! and it was only cheap too! Winning!


By this stage I then had to race off to get down to Urban Fight Gym for my last bit of work, training and to see all my gym buddies and to see Walshy, Melissa and the boys for a final goodbye.


I was so touched when I got to the gym, a couple of people had got me farewell gifts which was so lovely.   CJ gave me a Buddha to stick to my dashboard (and he even included some blue tack) and an extremely lovely card and the Walshes surprised me with a very very cool gift towards my travel and hilarious card.


That night I arrived back at my old house (one of my besties owns the house and moved back in when I left) to spend the night in the driveway.   When I got there Lauren had made me a delicious home coked dinner! I was stoked!


I am truely fortunately to have some very thoughtful and good friends in my life.


I also plugged my van into Laurens house to give the battery a charge.   When I checked the battery later in the night it was still dead!  I was mortified – I ended up having to put all my fridge stuff in Lauren’s house until the morning when I could got and get the battery looked at. Gah!


Two of my friends Inez and Nikki (who live across the road) came over and the 4 of us had a van chat!



I woke up dreading have to figure out what’s wrong with my battery.  So as I was packing up the converter to take my van to battery world, I noticed a VERY obvious blue ON / OFF switch underneath the converter…..yep, helps if you actually turn it on hey! After 14 years in I.T you’d think the first thing i’d check was “is it on?” gahhh!!!!


I had an appointment at a gym and was running late, so the lovely Lauren lent me her car whilst my van charged for as long as I could before I had to hit the road towards NSW.
When I returned I packed up and headed straight for Byron Bay, however a mate had invited me to their housewarming/baby shower/daughters 2nd b’day party. I was unsure how long my fridge would last and all my cold stuff within it, so I thought it best to stop the night in Brunswick Heads in a little caravan park on a powered site to fully charge my battery.  I got a nice little site along the river very lovely.


I headed into Lismore to get some supplies then headed inland to Jigi to Jaelen and Fabs place.