Hittin’ the road

So 2 weeks ago I had my final fight, which I’ll post about soon in my Fight History Blog.

The plan now for me is I’m hitting the road for the next 9 months with the aim of visiting every fight gym on the East Coast of Australia to chat them about how I’ve been helping trainers, fighters and promoters through Nationally Registered Fighters and FightSys.


I have packed up the car, with my cat (Marlee) in tow and today I’m headed up to North Queensland in my car.


I stopped over last night on the sunshine coast for a few hours of work and to stay the night my mums place up here.


The first leg of this tour….which I’ve now dubbed “The Fight Stalker” tour (because I’m coming to find where all the fighters are….”I will find you!”)

I’m heading on my way to Bundaberg to visit my first North Queensland Gym.