Fight #4: Air Ninja Skills

Take that Air!
Take that Air!

My fourth fight was at the end of 2012, in Brisbane, I was training and fighting out of 350 Fitness – Boxing & Muay Thai Gym with Clayton Collyer.

As this was only my 4th time in the ring, I was still very new to everything, what I learnt from this fight was I really needed to work on getting my range right. I spent the majority of this fight beating up the air around me, instead of my opponent…and boy did i get that air good!

My opponent & I at weigh in

I weighed in at 62.2 with my opponent weighing in at 63.1.  I was so excited to have actually weighed in way under this time.  It was all with the help of my good friend Melissa Walsh, who is a qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath.  Melissa helped me with a great weight cutting nutrition plan, which was easy to follow and got me awesome results!

After 2 losses in a row it felt great to get my 2nd win!  So much for having thought I was only going to have 1 fight, then I changed my mind and thought i’d have 3 fights, but after coming away with losses for my 2nd and 3rd fights it made me want to learn more and try again for the win.  So reaching my new goal was great.  However, it also only made me hungrier for more fights! 


Watch my fight here:

Opponent: Tamara Quaife (First Strike Gym)
Weight: 63kgs
Show: Heat in the Hills | Arana PCYC, Brisbane
Date: December, 2012
Result: Win




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